The Intersection of Persona

How can we begin to understand someone we’ve never met?
Likewise, how can a photographer tell you about their subject with only an image?
I have found an answer to these questions within people’s environments. Not only can we see things about them in their space but we get a glimpse into who they are. It encompasses the expanse of their existence into a subtle keyhole that we get to look through. On the outside, there may be one impression, yet upon closer inspection therein lies a world unto itself.
For this project, I chose to photograph people in a space that would tell a story unique to them, whether it be their home or place of work. I found this to create an intersection between who they presented themselves as to the world and who they really were alone. Although they may have been themselves in both situations, seeing them in this scope allows for a greater detail of their persona. Obviously, we can never really convey everything about a person with only one photograph, but we can capture an essence of them. It may just the be beginning of their story but it still remains an interesting and beautiful glimpse into their persona.
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